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Žarko Paić
Technosphere – New Digital Aesthetics? The Body as Event, Interactivity and Visualizations of Ideas

In the new digital ontology what should have been determined by "illusion" is not related to the illusion of truth in terms of deception or illusions as in traditional ontology. The computer is an apparatus which allows the illusion of escape from reality. On the contrary, we can't understand the digital world through basic aesthetic concepts of traditional metaphysics as mimesis and representation. Since it is the paradigm shift from the image presentation and representation of the real techno-imagination or construction of virtual reality in which the digital image occurs as artificial life in real time and virtual space, it seems to be possible indeed to make some radical constructivist settings: 1) an entity becomes a project of alternative worlds; 2) the between the "truth" and "appearance" no longer exists; 3) techno-science and its power to visualize the world create a space of virtual reality art as an aesthetic sphere of new information-communication technologies; 4) the beauty is no longer pure "illusion" of the truth because there is no difference between the sensitivity of the phenomenon and transcendental things-about-itself that allows the beauty of truth shine in the activity of the subject; 5) the aesthetics of the era of techno-science takes in its hands design or create objects as immaterial entities shifting identities in line with changes in the Technosphere as unity of "experience" and "illusion" of the world. Design in the digital age becomes communication design in close connection to interactive visual culture. This means that the concept of the environment extends from the world to the entire biosphere and mediosphere. Communication can no longer be reduced to unambiguous terms of social action in the world and the world of life. Starting with the idea of ​​generating life itself in biocybernetic systems, its aesthetic code refers to totally design life from its inception to its disappearance.