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Bujar Hoxha
On the Applicability of the Semiotics of Passions Within Visual Arts

Recent research in semiotics has proved to foresee analyzable units on the basis of the context instead of the text. Besides the language-based and psychologically based semiotics, semiotics today has introduced the epistemological grounds on visual signs as well. My aim in this paper shall be to introduce the acting subject into such a context, which to my opinion can transform the states of visual expressions, from one to another. In such a context I shall try to exemplify the applicability of the subjectivizing objects (and/or acting subjects) for the purpose of interpreting images which can produce passions as semantic results (Greimas & Fontanille, 1993). The questions that I am to advance shall be the following: how can such passionate feelings as feedback information interact socially, and where do the limits of visual arts’ interpretability lie?