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Josipa Bubaš
Margins of Visual Culture – Body Images in the Performative Context

The paper deals with body images (as opposed to body schema) in the performative context. What are the biological and neurological facts of the performative communication between the performer and the audience, and how is this interplay affected by the aggressiveness of the images in contemporary culture? What do we expect from our bodies, how do we constantly re-create them under the influence of occulocentric culture, and how do our bodies respond to our expectations? What is being denied in the process? Contemporary culture stresses the visual communication in cultural construction of reality. This process often neglects other sources of communication and thus counts only for one dimension of existence. The paper deals with the relationship of inner and outer display of the body in performative context while stressing the possibilities of wider approach to bodily practice at the margins of occulocentric hegemony.